Blooket Join.

This is how you join a lesson on the Blooket join page. At Blooket teacher chooses first a question set and a unique game mode. Blooket will then generate a unique Blooket code which players and students must use to join the game on their mobile phone, iPad tablet or laptop. The game begins, and the players will immediately be able to answer questions to win.

How do I join a Blooket game?

To play a Blooket game, do the following:

  1. In your mobile phone or computer browser, visit the web address.
  2. Enter the Blooket code, also known as a Game ID,  which your teacher has given you, in the white box labeled ‘Game ID’.
  3. Click on the arrow button to join the game.
blooket join
Blooket join a game: Make sure you are on the ‘Join Game’ page. Enter a game ID, and you are good to go.

For more help on how to join a Blooket game or login to your Blooket account, please watch this video:

Blooket Login: How do I login to or sign up for Blooket account?

You don’t need a Blooket account to join a Blooket game, as long as you have the Game ID that which your teacher provided you.

However, if you sign up for a Blooket account, you can log in to the account independently and play the games on your own, as well as see your game stats. You can also unlock new Blooks (animal characters), or buy or sell Blooks characters.

To create a new Blooket account, visit, and create an account with your email address or your Google account.

To log in to your new Blooket account, visit the Blooket login page at, and log in with your Blooket Username or email address and password, or alternatively with your Google account by clicking on ‘Login with Google’.

What is is a web-based learning platform that offers games in the style of quiz questions and answers, as well as skill games that students get to play after answering the questions. Teachers or hosts can choose from a wide range of question sets and game modes to create an engaging learning experience for their students. The platform is designed to be accessed from nearly any device, making it ideal for students in class or at home.

What is a Blook?

A Blook is a virtual object that players can collect on These virtual objects are designed to be used as a reward system for students who perform well in the game. Players can earn Blooks by answering questions correctly and can use them to purchase virtual items such as hats and accessories for their in-game avatar.

How much does a Blooket account cost?

Creating a Blooket account is completely free of cost. There are no hidden charges or fees for teachers, hosts, or students who want to use the platform. Users can sign up for an account by visiting and filling out the required fields [3]. However, it is worth noting that Blooket is a freemium platform, which means that certain features and functionalities may only be available to users who upgrade to a paid subscription in the future.


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